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Portal for life, living and what we do. Focusing our lives as individuals, as families among friends and partners. How to make "us" more connected to the perfect peeple and organisations where we live. Made to upgrade our everyday lives as no one can manage everything alone. Connecting to people and businesses that add value to our daily routines and simplify. Everything for life. Dive deeper into human living and follow our lead for consumers, business and marketing. Everyone, experts, influencers, brands can join in and benefit from this portal for living extreme positive lifestyles.
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Get your extra life

While being alive is our mandate we have to deal with it every day and with every person around us. Did you know our brain is social muscel, way beyond a mathematical processor. Our brain forces us to need others to exist and to feel great. Finding the right contacts, friends and helpers is critical and a great adventure to everyone. People are obsessed with sharing their lives. In 2003 more than 500,000 people have joined a single coffee party in the UK.

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What secures social is among the Top3 topics driving the Xtr team. It´s about fear but also about real world safety at the places we dwell and travel.

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Sources for better living

Ever wanted to know the most reliable sources to secure a lifeworthy existence? You probably don´t find them on billboards, in commercials and with the loudest advertisers! People lived happily and healthy way before industrial marketing was invented. Let´s facilitate the relevant providers from all times and regions in the time of the internet. The GeoFndr probably knows what´s up where you are and helps to get what you require asap. Our special is: We connect to shops, providers and influencing experts without sales button. Why? Xtr wishes to earn something but also to share what is really there. We also want to be friends to those who trust us by visiting us. What kind of sources we focus on? First: every day practical. Yes, we love luxury because they inherit more than just a single effect. Some luxe products and services are not expensive compared to the results. Low-cost of course, even free if they nail it. Sales and Xtr discounts are part of our strategy of course.

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Which brand is your favourite and why?

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Life events & experiences

The serious way. Join our Xtr lively community and get rid of personal limitations. Together is stronger (usually). Share some inspiring stories so that we can extend our competences and livestyles. You have a blog/vlog with relevant content for living? We share the TOP10 each 10 days. This is a place of xtr ordinary experiences you can become part of locally and virtually. The general categories we focus on: Finance tips, DIY at home, success oriented education, successful communication in homes and communities, beauty & fashion from 0 to 111, commute & travel, better eating & drinking, entertainment that matters. Upscaling your ownn or other lives is not a luxury torture but the ability of body and mind for lifelong readyness and sensivity to adapt and to even change the course of life.

Send us your experience or an inspiring story source.

Your life - a benefit center

Affordable? Cheap? Luxurious? Even you need some money the value cannot be measured by a credit card, some bitcoins or monthly salaries. The income is for living what matters but not the target of a day, a week, year or even a life time. Ever experienced? Social people want to meet people that know who they are, that understand to team up and reach greater targets.
People have energy for their pets, for cars, for careers but this tops all: Family! In way more normal times family was a power house of creativity, productivity and the development of personalities in a securing community. So let´s meet and find out how life can become a benefit center again, first for the closest ones. At platforms like airbnb we can find people sharing experiences, expertise. In many reviews you will find thankful comments on eyeopening events, moments of value and togetherness. Sometimes not free but priceless. • Links to studies, ..

Tips and hints get reward: Send here, please!

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Living businesses

Selling, trading, buying, renting, leasing what others have to upgrade life is a powerful motor of most societies. Xtr doesn´t promote consumerism, but helping to get hand on the real stuff out there is fair to the Xtr community. Usually each product and service has a face, someone standing for it with his / her reputation. See Xtr as fair business trader, as joint between those who have something others should also have to build and uprade life.
Great niches offer a lot to jump on this train to share values and profit from each other: Offer your equipment and supply in your region. | Share and monetize your professionalism as influencer via your blog/vlog or even as live event. | Want to become a partner in marketing? Share your ideas. We are hungry to join forces. | Show us your ad´s and we probably will be happy to spread your word.
Bottom line: Welcome in the business class of Xtr services.

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Want a great starting point with this topic? While you read this on the internet we focus on the real world, on real experiences and individual results for you right where you are. Deeper insights, discounts and an important starting point diving into mainstream and beyond. Fun and facts for your daily life guaranteed.
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Hook in and get your business to a broader audience. Your way to influence the xtr audience is by sharing relevant content by text, audio and video. Our focus: Quality content for real life context.
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